What we offer

Because we realise that different people have different requirements we provide you with three options where you choose the level of service you require.

Option 1: Free Estimate.

Option one is our Free Estimate. Don't know whether the benefit of depreciation is worth it for your particular property? Then choose our Free Estimate and we will let you know what you could expect back in your first full calender year. No obligation, you decide whether or not you think it is worth going ahead.


Option 2: Economy Package

Option two is our Self Assessment option. With this option you provide us with the specific details of the property by following a checklist provided by us. With this option you need to know the property quite well, detailing the specifics of the fixtures and fittings. You can provide floor plans and pictures and then the quantity surveyor will do the report based on the information you have provided.


Option 3: Premium Package

Option three is our Full Inspection option where you fill out the basic information required to begin the depreciation schedule and we then organise the rest. We liaise with the property manager to organise the inspection and once at the property take photos and take notes on all the fixtures, fittings, common areas etc.


Other Services

The team at My Depreciation also specialise in the preparation of tax depreciation schedules for purpose built facilities such a commercial offices, industrial warehouses, child care centres, office fitouts, hotels, pubs, clubs, dental surgeries, cafes and restaurants.

Fees for these types of properties depend on the size, location and extent of plant and equipment contained within the property. My depreciation can provide schedule for both the building owners and the tents (where fitout has occurred).

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